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A Fresh Start

Hey, internet!

Welcome to my new blog. A few weeks ago, I thought “after the wedding is over and all the craziness has died down, I should start a blog.”

Well, the wedding was almost three weeks ago; we returned from our honeymoon late last week and have spent the last several days playing catch-up and trying to get back to our normal routine. And doing laundry. Oh, my God, so much laundry. The combination of living out of suitcases for a week and spending a lot of time on the beach/in the water resulted in an unholy amount of sandy, smelly, salt-water-smelling towels and clothes. I went through an entire Thing of Tide in about four days. No lie.

…but, I digress. Here’s a little background on me, your head-in-the-clouds Hostess with the Whoa-stest: I’m a twenty-something newly-wed housewife living in the Houston Bay Area. I spent the first six years of my adult life as a professional dancer and choreographer, which I blogged about quite often. You can read about my dancing adventures here (although I recommend skipping around in the archives for the good stuff). I have a strong, wonderful husband and two absurd-yet-amusing cats. I love good comedy, good wine, and bad movies…

….aaaaand my dryer just buzzed, meaning I will have to continue this another time.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day. Do call again.

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