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“My husband left the TV on; and when NASCAR came on I accidently witnessed two seconds of auto racing while I frantically lunged for the remote.”


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Who needs a heart-shaped box of chocolates?

There are three camps on the subject of Valentine’s Day: Those who love it, those who don’t, and those who want to love it but are bitter because they’re single on Valentine’s Day. Hubs and I fall into the first category.

Something I hear a lot from the V-Day naysayers is “If you love someone, you shouldn’t just show it on one day by buying them flowers and candy.” And that’s pretty much right. Hubs and I are always loving and giving to each other; we’re newlyweds and we’re adorable. We also love each other, are thankful to have each other, and– as our Best Man said in his wedding toast– we strive to make each other happy. We may be having a stressful time at the moment, but it’s only making us stronger.

We’re also fun-loving people who love to celebrate holidays. Valentine’s Day is just one more excuse for us shower each other with gifts of love and good deeds (and food).

Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful husband. I love you more than Mitt Romney loves money.

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Quick Aside

Yesterday, one of my classmates told me that I “look like a Barbie Doll” from far away.

… I guess that makes sense. If there was such thing as “CNA- Student Barbie,” I bet she’d wear hot-pink scrubs with a matching scrunchie.

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One girl was absent from our class today; another had to leave early.Not long after the second girl left, an unexplained fire alarm went off and the entire building was evacuated for thirty minutes.*

I wonder if  one of the missing girls is The Blitz?

*(Apparently, someone had tripped the fire alarm– there was no fire inside, but there was a hail of mosquitoes outside. Seriously. I think we may have been better off taking our chances with the burning building).

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