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Conversation I had with my (currently visiting!) Mother today yesterday:

“I only read People Magazine in line at the grocery store, at the doctors office, or on vacation. I’m still trying to figure out….what’s the deal with the Kardashians?”

“You know how Paris Hilton got famous for nothing except being rich and a whore?”


“It’s the same thing.”

“Only there’s three of them.”



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The Key Chronicles

Hubs went to a neighbor’s place last Thursday night to watch the NFL Draft. He came home late, without his truck or keys; causing him to pound on the window yelling “WAKE UP, CASSANDRA” when he finally got home. I let him in, we both went to sleep, Fin. Or so we thought.

Cut to Friday afternoon; he’s getting ready to go to work. His truck is still in front of our neighbor’s apartment, but his keys are nowhere to be found. After a thorough search of everywhere-we-could-think, he came to the conclusion that he must have left his keys inside his friend’s home…and that friend– let’s call him “Randy”– was at work. Luckily I have a car (and keys), so he still made it to work. Later that night, Randy called and said that he’d searched his entire apartment and zero wayward keys.

That Saturday was the big Second Bedroom Overhaul. I’d warned my husband over and over during the week to not make ANY plans for Saturday, we HAVE to work on that room; our truck-less state did not bode well with the fact that we had to haul a Queen-size mattress from our storage. Hubs combed Randy’s yard for his keys– to no avail.

Luckily Randy is a good neighbor and has a truck. We got the second bedroom set up and the mattress hauled in, and I was one happy housewife… but my husband still had no keys.


I finally snapped to it (on Tuesday) that duh, we have plenty of random keys in this house; one of them had to be a truck key. During my Organization project I’d collected said random keys and put them in one, convenient place…and sure enough, there was a spare set of truck and apartment keys! My husband cheered and went off to get his truck, while I started leaning his newspapers and empty coffee cups out of my Lexus.

Later that day Randy texted: “You came and got your truck from in front of my house, right?”

Hubs texted back: “Shit!! My truck’s gone??”


A bunch of us gathered at the pool yesterday. Randy arrived just after we did, carrying his cooler and something in his hand.

“Look what I found in my yard today!”

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