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The first two-ish weeks of 2013 were not fun for me. I blame the weather.

I returned home on New Year’s Eve to gray, wet weather that would only go downhill from there. For the first ten days of the year, we didn’t witness a single sunrise or sunset– the sky just vacillated between gray and black; and even when it wasn’t raining there was a constant fog hanging over anything. That sort of constant dreariness would send even Pollyanna into a downward spiral.

Still, at least it wasn’t snow.

The sun and 70° temperatures returned for all of two days, during which life was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME and I was the most cheerful person you’ve ever encountered; then the rain returned along with a couple of freezes (upside: still not snow).

* * *

I know a lot of people throw around the term “seasonal affective disorder,” but I’m not convinced that it’s an actual thing. I am a human, I have a pineal gland that doesn’t make serotonin unless it’s sunny out. For some reason this affects me pretty hard, but I still wouldn’t call it a disorder.

* * *

The post-holiday letdown doesn’t help. I’m not the only one who feels a little empty after  the lights come down, the joyful songs & delicious smells cease, and people forget about peace and goodwill for another eleven months… especially when it feels like your vacation/family time was all too short (and one visit to your homeland per year just doesn’t feel like enough).  When I was boxing up the Christmas decorations a few weekends ago, I found myself looking forward to the time when I take them back out again. That’s unusual for me.

* * *

But the sun is shining and it looks like it’ll be around for at least week, so I’m happy again. I took a walk this afternoon and saw a female duck with fifteen yellow fuzzballs swimming along behind her. Maybe this is a sign that “winter” is over.


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Every time I sit down to write a post…..

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Year-End Review

Come in, 2012; have a seat. Let’s talk about your performance.

Well, Mister Twelve, you’ve met or exceeded most of the expectations we had of you. You were good to our little household– both of us found jobs in you; and I was most pleased to land a job in my choosen field (and it’s gone well so far, so thanks for that).
You saw a good president get re- elected, which was a bright moment for you (although you had a us worried when you showed us those top-of-the-line nut jobs vying for the position). Another feather in your cap: The USA’s top-place finish in the Summer Olympics with 46 medals.

Those were the good things. Now let’s move onto the bad. I see you cringing; you know what’s coming. The VIOLENCE, Twelve! What the actual fuck? I saw more violence from you then from the typical abusive husband on Jerry Springer. At least two mass murders, and I lost count of how many other instances of gun violence you decided to bestow on us. Sweet Merciful Margarita, you are not Charleton Heston. We’re supposed to be moving TOWARD peace, not away from it. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You did pretty well, 2012, but that violence thing is gonna cost you on your final grade. Overall, B-minus.

You’re free to go now, 12. Feel free to take some leftover candy canes on your way out. Send the next year in, will you?

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