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Easter Bunny

Craig’s Easter “basket” is relevant to his interests:

And somebunny visited our patio and left some special treats behind…



(The Easter bunny also brought a bigger pot for that spinach plant)

…as well as a card. Now all I need is for my husband to wake up, and we can celebrate Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!

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Mourning Jesus

Jesus. The founder of the Christian religion and a progressive religious leader. He taught his followers to love God and to love one another; that abiding by ancient laws was not nearly as important as loving your neighbor as much as God loves you.

Thousands of years later, Christianity is the world’s largest religion; yet only a very small portion of its adherents bother to follow the teachings of the founder.

This is especially evident (and frustrating) here in the United States, where a majority of Christians are quick to use Old Testament laws to discriminate against and even outright harm people who don’t fit that mold. Some “Christian” lawmakers even go out of their way to flout Jesus’ teachings on the poor and the sick.

Many professing Christians get caught up in the self-serving idea of salvation that they forget the lessons Jesus taught us. Do not judge. Do not kill. Sell what you have and give to the poor. Give to Cesar what is Cesar’s and to God what is God’s. Blessed are the merciful, the peacemakers, the meek. Most of all, love one another. In modern-day America, those teachings get lost under a mountain of legalism and hate; and it’s sad.


Of course, not all Christians in the U.S. act like Pharisees. A cursory glance at The Christian Left indicates that plenty of people are actively following Jesus’ teachings and trying to make the world a better place.

Still, I think Jesus would be very angry at all the ignorance, hate, and greed that gets waged in his name nowadays.


Two articles for recommended reading:

 Seven Things Jesus Taught by Kenneth Gomez

What Did Jesus Teach? by Charles Bradlaugh

Happy Good Friday, everyone

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“Look, this guy really didn’t do anything wrong. I’m gonna let him go.”

“No! Kill him! Free a convicted murderer instead!”

“Okay, if you say so!”



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This morning Craig and I got our patio garden ready for spring. We harvested the very last of our winter tomatoes (and what good tomatoes they are! We’ve got enough to last us about another week; I’ll be sad when they’re all gone), pulled up all the old and dead plants, and filled new pots.


We made two T-shirt planters for our tabasco peppers: we took an wire basket hanger, stretched an old t-shirt over the inside, filled with dirt and voila! We had one last year, and the bell pepper plant inside it grew to an impressive size (although it needs to be watered religiously).


We had a total of 7– SEVEN– basil plants going last year, until the Christmas/New Years storms decimated nearly all of them. Only one plant hung on, and is now regrowing nicely (you can still see the ruins of the old plant in there. Also note the festive little Easter eggs).


Two of last year’s brussels sprouts survived the winter and started to regrow. An old aquarium makes a great planter!


We’ve got five varieties of tomatoes planted (Early girl, Better
Boy, Goliath, two kind of cherry tomatoes, and a yellow variety), and we’re trying to grow spinach as well. We haven’t had much luck with spinach in the past, but hopefully the third time is the charm. If only we could get our cats to leave them


I’m hoping to add some more herbs– our rosemary plant has seen better days, and I would love to have some fresh oregano and thyme.

We may live in an apartment, but we love to grow (and catch!) our own groceries. Craig says if only he could sneak a milk goat onto our patio, he would be in heaven!

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I haven’t written about dance all year. What’s been happening?


Dance started on the second day of the year. I took on an extra day of teaching this semester– one of the master teachers moved away, so I took on his two advanced classes and his Level One ballet class (now I teach all of the Level One ballet classes).

Since our recital isn’t until the end of June, we don’t begin recital choreography until late February. I was thrilled to have almost eight more weeks to spend working on technique before starting spring choreography, and to have more time to finalize my music choices and get some ideas percolating. I won’t lie, I really didn’t feel ready to start choreography first thing after the holiday– not that I couldn’t have made it happen, but I liked having more time to work out music and choreography ideas. Once I got a look at what costumes my students would be wearing (the studio owner selects recital costumes), I switched some of my music and concepts to suit the costumes. You’ve got to be flexible, in more ways than one!


The theme for our recital is the 1990s, which is totally exciting for me because I’m a 90’s kid through & through. 🙂 Most of my primary classes are dancing to music from kid’s movies that came out during the nineties. My little Level One Jazz class is dancing to the Spice Girls, and I am probably more excited about that than I should be. At our studio, the ballet teachers are fortunate to be allowed to go outside the theme and use regular classical music for the ballet dances. I did that for a few classes– one of my Ballet Ones have a costume that remind me of a doll dress; so they’re doing “Waltz of the Doll” from Coppelia (and are very excited about getting to be dolls). Another class is dancing to Strauss’ ‘Annen Polka,’ which they really seem to enjoy (probably because it has a lot of jumping, and that class likes to jump!).

All told, I’m choreographing fourteen dances this spring– thirteen for the recital and one for a private lesson student to do in a talent show. It seems like a lot (who am I kidding, it is a lot!), but when I first started I really wanted to choreograph, and now I get to do plenty of that. Can’t complain!


My original intent for this season was to blog about my dance teaching experiences, and maybe make this blog more of a “dance” blog (like my old one)…but the reality is, I just can’t find the time! For some reason after teaching/choreographing/being keeper at home/taking part in some small artistic pursuits; once I sit down at my computer all I want to do is zone out and read what other people are writing. I have no idea how these women who have nine children and a homestead find time to write a lengthy blog post every couple of days.

(Being out of practice is a surely big part of it– it’s been almost three years since I regularly sat down to blog. As Twyla Tharp would say, I’m out of the creative habit. Shame on me for letting that happen!)

I’m on spring break for another three days, I hope to get some more posts written before I go back to the studio on Tuesday. I have things to tell you about, internet!

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This week I acquired a Crockette, and this was the first meal I made in it. Even though we don’t need our usual type of “Friday Night Dinner” this week because of spring break, I have a feeling this will quickly become a favorite in our Friday-night rotation!

(You can make this in a regular crockpot on the low setting)

Crockette 13-Bean Stew

2/3 cup Lucky 13 Bean Soup, soaked overnight and drained

1 large carrot, cut into 1/4″ pieces

1 medium bell pepper, cut into 1/2″ pieces

1 Tablespoon dried Parsley

1 Tablespoon dried oregano

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon onion powder

1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes

2 cups vegetable broth

Combine all ingredients in Crockette and cook for 10-12 hours. Serves 3.


Happy Spring!

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