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Our beautiful kitty Observer– aka KeyKey Cat, Kiki, Big Kitty– passed away last week.

It was very, very sudden and unexpected. He was only three years old. It happened so quick– he went from being his sweet, playful hungry self to a very, very sick baby in a little more than 24 hours. By the time I rushed him to the vet on Tuesday morning– hours ahead of the appointment that i’d so casually made the previous day, when he was only acting a little out of sorts– he was hanging on by a thread. There was nothing they could do for him.

There was one option– a very expensive and risky surgery. There was only a one in three chance of success,  and he would need medication and special food for the rest of his life. I wanted to take that chance– to somehow find a way to pay for it and pray really hard he came out of it sucessfully; anything to save my precious kitty cat. But Craig told me there was no way we could afford it. Even the vet said it wouldn’t be the smartest risk.

It was a terrible day.

* * *

Torgo and Kitty 12 13 10

I went to say goodbye to him and to be with him at the very end. The vet gave him some painkillers, and for a few minutes he perked up ; he stood up for the first time all day and looked out the window, just like he loved to at home. Then he got very, very sleepy in my lap.

Last Known Photograph - Observer

Last Known Photograph

* * *

I held him as he passed from this world into the next.  He went peacefully.

* * *

It’s taken me nine days to write this post. Our home seems emptier without him.

I cried a lot the first two days. I don’t cry as much anymore, but I still feel very sad. I miss him so very much.

* * *


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A big thunderstorm hit late last night, so this morning Craig and I had to do plant rescue. Two sets of newly-sprouted seedling were completely submerged, and a few containers had svereal inches of standing water. (I didn’t take any pictures. Was too concerned with SAVE MY PLANTS OMG) It took two of us to dump the excess water out of the bigger containers. A lot of soil got dumped out with the water, along with a few freshly-sprouted tomato seedlings and those basil seeds I just planted yesterday. I packed some fresh dirt on top of the soaked plants to replace what was lost/soak up some of the water in the existing soil. We put them in the sun to dry, and I think (hope) they’ll be fine.


I bet people who garden in the ground don’t have to put up with this crap.

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