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Drown or Treat

Craig and I don’t really celebrate Halloween, aside from making some treats and watching old horror movies/reading spooky stories.


Luckily, today’s weather is perfect for that.

(Today’s movie: The Crawling Hand. Stories: Able To… collected by Neil Ellis Orts, and Deadly Little Secrets: The Minister, His Mistress, and a Heartless Texas Murder by Kathryn Casey [because true crime totally counts as “scary stories.”]. Treats: Witch-Hat Cookies (thanks for the idea, Mom!), marshmallow ghosts and popcorn balls. We keep it simple over here.)

Happy Halloween, everybody. Stay dry.


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Wow, I haven’t really updated since my Pennsylvania trip.

The wedding was beautiful! They had  a lovely but light-hearted ceremony, and M looked magnificent! The reception was a lot of fun. Mama Butterfly was my “date.” It was a great day!


While I was up there, I stopped by my old dance studio to take class. It’s changed ownership since then, and has a new name and a remodeled waiting room, but the studio is still the same. The oldest girls at the studio were mostly first/second graders when I taught there…and they remember me! I had a great time taking class with them and catching up with G, my old teacher/fellow dancer and now-owner of the studio.

Another day I drove up to the Pocono mountains to drink in the mountain air and fall foliage and visit some of my old stomping grounds.


When I got home it was back to teaching, competition practices, and musical rehearsals. I set “All Er Nuthin” the week I got back, and last week I got to work on staging some of the less-dancy numbers. Today I will tackle the final two “dance lite” numbers, “Many a New Day” and “It’s a Scandal! It’s an Outrage!” (I’m excited about “It’s a Scandal!”) Today will be an exciting day at rehearsal because a newspaper is coming to take pictures and do an interview. We open in less than a month.

…and one week after ‘Oklahoma!’ closes is the audition for the dance studio’s production of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ The audition will be in three parts– ballet, then jazz, then tap– and I will be choreographing the ballet portion of the audition. It will need to be a 90-second (ish) variation for the White Rabbit; with a simpler version for the younger dancers and a more advanced version for the older. I haven’t gotten started on it yet (only found out yesterday),but it should be fun!


And that’s why it’s been quiet over here lately. I’ll try and add pictures to this post once my phone starts cooperating.



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