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Conquering Fears One Audition at a Time

Aerial dance has become very popular here in Houston. I’ve always wanted to try it, but I’ve always been just a little too scared– the idea of flying high above the stage supported by a couple of silks sounds exhilerating, but terrifying becaue you’re flying high above the (hard) stage supported by only a couple of silks.

But yesterday I found out that one of my favorite choreographers is doing a piece where she needs performers who would be comfortable learning some simple aerial work in a harness. To me, a harness sounded like a much safer starting place than the silks, and I would love to work with this choreographer again. So I signed up for an audition.
* * *
Well, the audition itself was a bit disatserous– I had a hard time making any of those aerial moves looks graceful. The only thing I managed to de decently well was flip over a bunch of times; mostly I tried to hold my arms gracefully while the rest of my body moved in the least-graceful way imaginable. I looked like an idiot.

… but I had a really good time up there. It was my first time doing any kind of aerial work, and I had a lot of fun even though I wasn’t any good at it.

I don’t expect to be getting cast in the project; but at least I stood up to a little fear.

(P.S. I still owe you guys an ‘Oklahoma!’ post. I know, I know!)

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Oklahoma! opens tonight. I’m really excited.

The rehearsal Tuesday night was great. My main job was to keep an eye on the dance numbers and make sure everything was as should be. All the choreography was spot-on (I only had a few minor notes), and the live music makes it extra delightful!

I did notice that in two of the numbers, the music for the “dance breaks” was different than the music we had rehearsed to. The choreography still fits– and still works well!– just not quite as perfectly as before. But I expected there to be some musical differences– that happens when you switch from working with a recording to working with a live band. The dance numbers looked clean, and the actors danced with gusto!

Mostly, I got to sit back and enjoy the show. And there’s a lot to enjoy! The actors do a really spectacular job of bringing their characters to life. Laurey is delightfully snarky in some moments and heartbreaking in others. Jud is alternatingly uncomfortably creepy and downright terrifying. Ado Annie and Will are very funny, but the Peddler is hysterical ( the “Persian Goodbye” bit had me in tears from laughing!).

After rehearsal I would tell the cast that aside from the numbers I choreographed, I was seeing the show for the first time…and that as an “audience member”, I greatly enjoyed their performance. 🙂 Everyone left rehearsal in high spirits.

Now Craig and I are getting ready to leave for the opening performance. I’m really excited. Away we go!

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I’m here at the second-to-last ‘Oklahoma!’ rehearsal.

I haven’t been in to rehearsal in almost two weeks. After all the choreography was complete, I took two rehearsals to clean everything up…and to acclamate a new cast member  (we ended up having to replace a cast member in the last few weeks). The young man who jumped in to a fill a (minor-ish) role does a great job and learns quickly, and by the end of the second rehearsal he was dancing both “big” numbers with gusto.

Last week I was going to come in to watch a run-thru, but that day they needed to do a cue-to-cue instead. Today will be my first time seeing the whole show, complete with costumes, full set and band (the musicians are practicing right now, and they sound AWESOME).
Game plan for today is to clean up a few scenes (and numbers) and then do a full run.

We’re starting in 10 minutes, so I better boogie. Later!

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