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And That’s A Wrap

On Sunday– exactly 8 months from the day that I started at the summer intensive– I wrapped up my first season with the new dance company.

I’ll admit; I had been nervous as heck all week about the show. When we did some marking/spacing on stage the morning of, I felt even more nervous because of how much my body was hurting (my left ankle had been giving me trouble for a while; and I seemed to have pulled something in my right quad). But when we circled up for our pre-performance ritual, our directors gave us a talk along the lines of “Just relax and have fun. It’s just dance, not brain surgery. This is going to be a great show.” After that, I went to my dressing room, grabbed my prayer beads, and gave myself the following pep talk:

“You know these dances. You’ve been practicing like crazy even outside of rehearsals. Just smile and do what you have to do. Trust your brain, trust your body, trust YOURSELF. You got this.”

Amazingly enough, that WORKED. I had so much anxiety due to medical issues I’d been having  (which I still haven’t blogged about; honestly I don’t think I even want to), but I relaxed and had lots of fun with the modern piece. I was a little more apprehensive about the 16-minute neoclassical ballet, but it went much better than I expected (except for one small mishap near the very end, but other than that I was happy).

Then it was time for Firebird. After I changed from pointe shoes to flats and put my dress on, it was time for The Headpiece. After spending some time getting the crown just right and pinning into place, I got to work on the braid– three or four safety pins holding the fall to my own hair, then I jammed some safety pins sideways through the bobby pins. That thing wasn’t going anywhere. Then I helped some of the other princesses with their crowns and hairpieces.

I was confident in my princess dance, so I just went out there and enjoyed myself. It was over before I knew it, and I watched the Kotschei scene– between the lighting and the creepy costumes, it looked amazingly spooky.

The last scene was the wedding, then it was time for bows. When the curtain fell, there was much hugging, cheering, and congratulating. Our associate director got our attention to give us instructions for strike, then added some exciting news:

In the hallway by the dressing rooms, the walls are painted with shows that have been performed there, with signatures of the cast members. She told us that our company had been invited to sign the wall! So after we packed up all the costumes, one of the dads (a talented professional artist), drew our company’s logo, and we passed around sharpies and took turns signing our names (my handwriting is still terrible; even on walls). Then we all departed, most of us to a post-show celebration in “The Marketplace”– which I thought was some kind of street fair, but I was told no; it’s like that every weekend. Oh, San Antonio; you’re a neat city.

It was the perfect way to cap off my very first season with the company.

Here’s to many more.

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We had our in- studio dress rehearsal last night. I felt pretty good about it (I was most worried about Terpsichorus—  a 16-minute ballet, en pointe, pretty difficult– but it went well last night, so hopefully it will continue going well).

The choreographer for Adiemus is in town, so the trainees and apprentices danced it for him for the first time last night. They were nervous, but they all did REALLY well– after they finished the piece, one of the youngest dancers ran up to me and said “[Butterfly]! We did it!” and gave me a hug. Cuteness!

In act 1, I’m only in the first and the last piece, so I spent the in-between helping with costume changes. Firebird is act two; so I spent the “intermission” time helping the other princesses with their fake braids

Mama Butterfly is here to see me dance. We’re about to leave for the theater for dress rehearsal on the stage, so I have to cut this short. Will update later. Wish me luck, internet.

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