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Festival has changed me…

As pictured below, wearing two things I normally resist:


…and a pair of what I refer to as “Napoleon Dynamite boots.”

To be fair, A: our company dancers are required to wear warm-up pants between classes (and the convention center *is* chilly), and B: my feet were getting cold during breaks and I hadn’t packed any of my signature fuzzy socks (I must admit, though, that rhose ridiculous-looking booties are actually quite comfortable).

We’re on day 3 of classes, and I’m really loving the experience and learning a lot. Posting blogs on my phone is both time-consuming and annoying, but I’ve been keeping a notebook of what classes I’ve taken, who taught and what corrections I’ve gotten, and combinations that I like. I really enjoy the variety of teachers and styles; my only complaint is that since the festival is only 5 days, many of them I  only get to work with once (I’m sure i could better remember combinations for future reference if I took the class more than once).We have 3-4 classes each day, and every evening everyone (I mean EVERYONE) goes to the Phoenix Symphony Hall to watch performances by the 75 companies from 4 different regions (our company performs on Saturday).

Today is an “easy” day– morning class, decently-long break (giving me a chance to write this); after lunch I have a nutrition seminar and ballet class from the man who set ‘Firebird’/did our adjudication. Tomorrow I will spend all day in a Progressing Ballet Technique teacher training workshop. I’m really enjoying rhis time of dancing, learning, and spending quality time with some of the company students and their parents. 

And now my hands are cramping, so I gotta blast.

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Tomorrow morning– at 7am– myself and several other company members/parents will be flying off to a National Dance Festival in Phoenix, AZ.

I’m excited– 4 classes a day, plus a teacher certification seminar, and performances every night (culminating in a gala on the final night). It’s going to be a great experience and I’m going to learn a lot. Plus, I haven’t been to Phoenix since I was fleeing the aftermath of Hurricane Ike in 2008– Arizona is a mighty gorgeous place.

I’m also a little nervous. Sure, I’ve been to summer intensives before; but this Festival is a whole new ball game. It’s a pretty big deal– something like 70 companies, goodnessknowshowmany people, very strict rules. New experiences always make me a little apprehensive.

In a few minutes I’ll be leaving to stay the night with a nearby family, and willl ride to the airport with them in the (early) morning (Thank you, D Family!!). My day was pretty busy:

  • Ran errands, packed things, double-checked that those things were packed.
  • Baked cookies for the family that is putting me up and for my husband– can’t leave the man alone for a week without giving him some sweets as a consolation prize.
  • Realized suitcase was heavy, tried to eliminate what I could. Going against my nature of being crazy-prepared, this time I went for just necessities; even now the thing is still heavy.
  • Ran more errands.
  • Realized some things were packed in the wrong bag (suitcase vs carry-on/dance bag), rearranged accordingly.
  • Did some yoga to unwind and then took a long, luxurious shower.

Now it’s time to go load up my car and get moving. I’ll try to update as I can, but since I’m not bringing my laptop it may be difficult on a phone.

Wish me luck!

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