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At one of the jobs I had back in Houston: I did a good job cleaning up the place, but my boss didn’t like me and I WISH she would have shot me into space so I wouldn’t have to deal with donald trump’s* America.

(Lower caps on purpose– the man doesn’t deserve to have his name capitalized)

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Aside: All in a day’s work

Today was the first day back at dance after spring break. It was a great night– I finished two recital dances for my Creative Movement classes, and made good progress on the Contemporary dance for my Level Threes (they’re the only non-beginner class I have, so their dance is…complex. It’s looking nice, and will look even better once it is finished and cleaned!). Competitions begin this coming Friday (!) and recital costumes have almost all arrived. There’s a lot of excitement in the air around our studio.

…but the nicest moment happened when I was sitting in a circle stretching a class of 3-and-4 year-olds. Out of nowhere the little girl next to me stood up, threw her arms around me, and declared “I love you!”

This prompted her classmates to follow suit, and within seconds they were all were near-shouting “I love you!” and piling on me for hugs.

I love my job.

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This was posted by Tracy over at the Facebook page Democrats Organizing for America. It’s so true and so well-put, I just had to share it!

Happy 4th of July, everyone. May our country’s progress only continue. ūüôā

* * *


HAPPY 4TH OF JULY ~ To All You Anti-American Teapublican ‘Secessionists’…

“This is not my nation any more.

This is not my America!” they say.

Don’t laugh- they’re probably right.

Because if you believe that America in the 21st century should function under the same assumptions and with the same values as America in the 18th century…

Then no, this actually isn’t your America any more.

If you believe that “Freedom of religion” means that you have the right to make decisions about health care, family planning, equal rights, evolution and education for people who do not share your religion…

You’re in the wrong place.

If you believe that black people vote for a black man only because of race but white people never vote for a white guy because of his race…

If you believe that a 90 year old veteran who has been voting for 50 years should be denied a ballot because he no longer has a driver’s license…

Then it’s not your America any more.

If you believe that bullying and abuse is ok as long as you do it for Jesus, and that kids are better off in orphanages than with gay parents and that rape shouldn’t be an ‘excuse’ for an abortion because some girls rape easy…

This is not your America.

If you believe that the working poor, pensioners and veterans in America just want ‘free stuff’ but the wealthy demand their personal income tax cuts for the good of the nation…

No, this is not your America.

If you think you have the right to say who other people can love…

This isn’t that place.

And if you believe that it’s not possible for your candidate to lose an election unless the “urban” people cheated… By voting…

That an acceptable way to win is to try to stop as many people as possible from voting…

That “bipartisan’ means that all the wrong people are supposed to do things your way…

And that the “United” part of “United States of America” only applies when your party is running the show…

Then you don’t understand what America is.

It’s not a country where you can just ‘opt out’ when things don’t go your way, and where a bunch of people whining that they want to leave will make us turn our backs on our principles.

It’s not a place where beginning a sentence with “I’m not a racist’ makes it ok to call the President a ni**er.

It’s not a country where a rich, privileged old man can attack a young woman’s character in vicious and almost pornographic simply because he disagrees with her politics and not suffer consequences.

It’s not a place where we believe that a helping hand in the middle of a natural disaster should come with a pricetag..

It’s not a nation where we think it’s ok for poor people to die from treatable diseases because millionaire CEO’s don’t want to cut into their profits.

And thankfully, it’s not a nation where bitter, obscenely wealthy men can buy themselves an election.

You folks are the same people who yell “America- love it or leave it” at us every time we try to fix what’s broken around here.

Now, it seems like you don’t love it enough to stick around and work together.

Well, we’re not trying to run you out, but you are certainly free to go.

Of course you don’t get to take your state with you- sorry, but that ‘Constitution’ thing you’re always going on about says the states stay together.

And you don’t get the flag you’re always waving; that belongs to America.

But you can leave, if that’s really what you want.

The border is that-a-way…



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Yesterday my Mom and I spent an afternoon at the spa, ate ice cream, and later on that evening I found out Rick Santorum quit politics. It was a good day.

This morning I found out that Senator Wendy Davis filibustered for ten hours to stop a bill that would have been harmful for Texas women– and¬†then the Supreme Court struck down the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act. It was a great day for America! …

… until Texas executed the 500th prisoner since they reinstated the death penalty. Yes, Texas, the same state whose imaginary “concern for life” required a ten-hour filibuster just to keep the government out of women’s panties. ¬†I’m a little bit embarrassed by my state right now. Go home, Texas; you’re drunk.

All in all, it was a very historic day.

* * *

Also, Mother and Craig and I went to the Kemah boardwalk for the afternoon and fed stingrays and petted sharks. It was a good day.


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Mourning Jesus

Jesus. The founder of the Christian religion and a progressive religious leader. He taught his followers to love God and to love one another; that abiding by ancient laws was not nearly as important as loving your neighbor as much as God loves you.

Thousands of years later, Christianity is the world’s largest religion; yet only a very small portion of its adherents bother to follow the teachings of the founder.

This is¬†especially¬†evident (and frustrating) here in the United States, where a majority of Christians are quick to use Old¬†Testament¬†laws to discriminate against and even outright harm people who don’t fit that mold. Some “Christian” lawmakers even go out of their way to flout Jesus’ teachings on the poor and the sick.

Many professing Christians get caught up in the self-serving idea of salvation that they forget the lessons Jesus taught us. Do not judge. Do not kill. Sell what you have and give to the poor. Give to Cesar what is Cesar’s and to God what is God’s. Blessed are the merciful, the peacemakers, the meek. Most of all, love one another. In modern-day America, those teachings get lost under a mountain of legalism and hate; and it’s sad.


Of course, not all Christians in the U.S. act like Pharisees. A cursory glance at The Christian Left¬†indicates that plenty of people are actively following Jesus’ teachings and trying to make the world a better place.

Still, I think Jesus would be very angry at all the ignorance, hate, and greed that gets waged in his name nowadays.


Two articles for recommended reading:

 Seven Things Jesus Taught by Kenneth Gomez

What Did Jesus Teach? by Charles Bradlaugh

Happy Good Friday, everyone

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About five seconds after I learned of the horrific events at Sandy Hook elementary, I started seeing the anti-gun messages flood every social media outlet imaginable. “THIS is why we need gun control! We need to get rid of the Second Amendment! ALL GUNS ARE BAD! No more guns, for anyone, ever!”

I’m paraphrasing, of course, but that was the gist of it. While I don’t disagree that our current arms laws leave a lot to be desired; “getting rid of all the guns” isn’t only Not The Answer, it’ not even¬†possible.

Guns have been manufactured, bought, and sold in this country for centuries– both through legal and illegal means. You cannot get rid of them; they are already here and they are everywhere. The people that have them are sure as hell not giving them up– you’ll get their weapon when you pry their cold, dead fingers off it.

Some folks says we don’t need less guns, just stronger gun laws. That sounds good in theory…but I have to tell you something. I¬†know you guys don’t know this, and I think it’s good to pass on knowledge; so I’ll share this little tidbit of information with you. Are you ready? Here it is:






Did you get that? You should probably print it out, and keep it for future reference. You can make laws until you are blue in the face, but that’s not going to stop anyone who doesn’t respect those laws. If guns become illegal, they will still be bought, sold, and used– just as they are now.¬†Do you understand? Okay, great, let’s move on.

* * *

While “no guns at all” isn’t the answer, neither is “more guns.” What’s more dangerous than one gun? More than one gun! Especially in a crowded setting such as a school, movie theater, or public meeting in a¬†parking¬†lot ( I recall¬†reading¬†that a man present at the 2011 Tucson shooting¬†had a CHL and a gun on him at the time, but he didn’t fire because there was a crowd, and he didn’t want anyone else hurt or killed). If a lone gunman can kill close to thirty people, imagine what carnage two, three, or more gunmen would cause– especially in chaos (which is what happens when someone opens fire on an unsuspecting crowd). Even if you’re a really good shot; when there’s mass¬†confusion¬†and a bunch of people running and screaming ….

* * *

In the aftermath of such a horrific,¬†senseless tragedy, everyone is looking for answers. It’s human nature– when something awful happens, why try to figure out what we can do to make sure it never happens again. I don’t pretend to have those answers– but I can tell you that trying to “ban guns” is going to be an exercise in futility, and it’s not going to prevent another shooting.

* * *

If you want my personal, non-professional opinion (and I’m sure you don’t, but I don’t care), I think less glorifying of violence¬†in the media and more focus on identifying and treating mental illness would be a good start on smashing the cycle of violence.

* * *

Edited to add: I want to make it clear that I’m not a gun nut. It bothers me that in most states it is legal to own a machine gun but not a joint; or that Kinder Surprise eggs are banned but automatic assault rifles are A-OK. I’m just irritated that people think banning all guns is the answer to our gun violence problem (or, worse, that arming everyone in the country will somehow result in fewer gun deaths).

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F—ed Up Friday

My heart went in my throat this afternoon, when I read about the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school.

“Heartbreaking” is the only word I could come up with. Those poor, innocent children! They had their entire lives ahead of them! And even worse than that….they died in terror. Good Lord, now I’m crying again.

I can’t stop thinking about those parents. Parents who woke their kids up this morning and got them ready for school, not knowing it would be the last time. Parents who have Christmas presents that will never be opened and stockings that won’t be filled. Parents who ere given the precious gift of a child only to have it ripped away from them, senselessly and violently, after all too short a time.

It’s even more obscene that such a thing would happen during “the most wonderful time of year;” a month that’s supposed to be all about joy and family. Now families have been destroyed and “joy” feels like a four-letter word.

My heart aches for all the family members, the students, and the staff who were affected by today’s violent events. Cloud Cuckooland is morning right alongside you.


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