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My last dance company had their spring performances this past weekend.

They used to rent out one of the University of Houston theaters for their shows, but lately they’ve been hosting their performances right in the studio.

So: If I had stayed in Houston, I would have spent the weekend performing Burlesque in a small studio in middle-of-nowhere Clear Lake.

Instead, I spent it rehearsing for Firebird; to be performed in one of the largest/fanciest theaters in this city.

Life comes at you fast.

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I don’t follow Sportsball. Whenever “My Google” pops up with a sports score on my phone’s lock screen , I wonder “Why would you EVER think I care!??”

Until about five minutes ago.

When I opened my phone just then, I saw a basketball score. And as soon as I saw my old city (Houston Rockets) playing against my new city (San Antonio Spurs), I called out “GO SPURS, GO!”

And at that moment, I became San Antonian.


(P.S. Spurs, you had better win; I just wrote a blog post about you).

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If you leave a bag of deer corn in your garage for too long, it will become infested with weevils.

The weevils will then, after they’ve laid waste to your deer  corn, proceed to INVADE YOUR {bleep]ING APARTMENT.

And then you’ll be brandishing a can of Raid  and wondering which Biblical plague you’ve stumbled upon.

(The problem has been taken care of– yesterday my husband removed the offending bag, and the exterminator from the apartment complex sprayed the garage down. But I’m still squicked out because BUGS, ICK)

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Aside: A musing about teaching

Ten years ago, when I wanted teaching work, I would be non-stop e-mailing, sending out resumes, and making phone calls.

These days, I get texts from people I don’t know saying “Can you sub at my studio tomorrow?” because someone else recommended me to them.

I ain’t complaining. 😀

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Aside: Dance Teacher Problems

I’m on year 13 of constantly having children’s dance class music stuck in my head.

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At one of the jobs I had back in Houston: I did a good job cleaning up the place, but my boss didn’t like me and I WISH she would have shot me into space so I wouldn’t have to deal with donald trump’s* America.

(Lower caps on purpose– the man doesn’t deserve to have his name capitalized)

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Aside: Sad news

We found out yesterday that Craig’s cousin Donnie passed away. We are on the road to East Texas right now for the funeral. Please keep his family in your thoughts & prayers during this time. Thank you.

I’ll update again when we get back.

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