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Mondays are a hectic day for me. I go to ballet class in the morning, come home and go into a flurry of housework (today’s agenda: laundry, dishes, sweeping/mopping, dusting, gardening, and tossing some food into a crock pot… all in two and a half hours), then I grab a quick shower and it’s back to the ballet studio to teach.

(Weirdly, that’s how my Mondays were in Clear Lake last year: class in the morning, housework and cooking, then back to the studio to teach for three hours.)

This Monday comes with a cute story:

Background: Our spring performance is this weekend, so our rehearsal schedule has been getting more intense. We did some rehearsing in costume yesterday, so I decided to do my “performance hair”– a high bun. Now, since my hair isn’t terribly long and thus my bun isn’t very big, I’ve decided to wear a “fake bun”– think a scrunchie of hair curlicues. I make a regular bun, put that fake bun around it, then add the hairnet and hairpins and viola! I suddenly have more hair.

Which brings us to our story: In my intermediate class this afternoon, I was explaining to a student the importance a bun for ballet class (she had a long braid which had whipped her in the face when she did a quick detourne). Another student, who is a Junior Trainee in the company,  interjected with “Your bun looked so pretty yesterday!”

Me: Really my fake hair?

Her: It was fake?!

Me: Yup ( then explained the reason for it).

Her: It was so pretty!

… Well, at least I know now that it looks believable.

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It was sunny and 82 degrees in San Antonio today. Here’s how I burned off my free day:
– Got lunch for my husband and me, and we had a picnic outside by the pool
– Took care of some spring cleaning tasks, then spent over an hour doing yoga on my patio (with my freshly-planted container garden).
– Went for a pleasant late-afternoon walk around our neighborhood with my husband
– Soaked my feet in epsom salts with a blend of essential oils and a dab of coconut oil, then took a luxurious, hot shower.

It was a pretty great day. I’m thankful for the gifts I have been given in this life.

So, I’m sure you want to hear about the garden I mentioned. Of course you do!

At our old place, we lived on the top floor with a huge L-shaped patio and plenty of great sunlight (I’m sure being right next to the water helped that). Now, we are on the first floor, next to a lot of trees (not much sunlight), and our patio is a postage stamp compared to what we’re used to. This year I downsized a lot– because of space restrictions, and because I don’t know how successful my endeavors will be.

I’ve planted tomatoes, kale, 3 kinds of peppers, and herbs. I also received a bunch of succulents for my birthday, but those will do fine in this space (and even if they don’t, it’s not like we can eat them).



It certainly doesn’t look like much now, but I’m praying it will bless us with at least a small bounty.

Now, off to have dinner and relax! Have a great week, reader.

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I’m quite sick right now (apparently being injured just WASN’T ENOUGH). Last night my husband brought in a plate of food and a glass of water into the room where I was resting, and left both on the bedside table. I didn’t reach for them right away (very drowsy/dizzy; thank you, Doxycic), and a few couple of seconds later I hear “Look at that cat!”

I roll over and look and the little fart is standing on the table, face in the glass, drinking my freaking water.



The plate had chips on it, which I didn’t finish. When I woke up a bit later, he was eating one of the chips (he Has A Thing for tortilla chips).

Jeez, cat. Stealing food and drink from a sick woman!

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This is my last week of summer vacation. Classes begin one week from today.

As much as I love being busy with dance things, I’m very thankful to have this little period of downtime. Lots of time is spent in the water, or by the water with a book in hand. I’ve  had time to go take dance classes (in addition to giving myself a little class every day), get caught up on reading, and most importanly, spend time relaxing and enioying life with my husband.


In other news, I picked up another choreography gig! Last weekend I got an e-mail from an actress in town who has a new job teaching and directing at a parochial school. She needed a choreographer for her upcoming production of Oklahoma!, and would I be interested (or could I at least recommend someone)? Would I!
I’m auditioning dancers on Wednesday, and rehearsals for the dance numbers will begin in September. Performances are in November. Yippi-okie-ay!

I need to go fold laundry and start figuring out dinner, but I’ve got a sleepy cat on my lap. Maybe I’ll read some of my new book instead…

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This is the last week of dance classes for the year 2012. It’s also the week of Christmas Open House, where friends and family come in to observe classes and the students present a short dance piece.

My class presentation today went well! It was a primary class with ten students. We started the class as usual with their warm-up and “barre,” then presented their dance (a two minute diddy of “Jingle Bells”). The girls did a really nice job– they stayed together and (mostly) were on the same foot; and were overall very adorable in general. I occasionally made asides to the parents, explaining the purpose of a certain activity or exercise (and managed to do so without breaking the flow of class, yay for me). The kids did well, and the parents were happy– one mother came to me afterwards and told me that I “really commanded [the students] attention” and she was very pleased. *smile, blush*

… I have three more primary classes this week; may they all go so well.

* * *

My older students have their class presentations on Friday, so I actually got to give them class tonight. They successfully performed their Christmas ballet twice this past weekend at a church pageant, so they got to waltz across the floor and work on allegro (we’d been spending the last 30 minutes of class on rehearsal). Overall, it was a good night’s work.

* * *

On the way home I stopped at Kroger to get dishwasher soap. When I started home again, my car…would not.

Of course, this could not have happened after work, outside a building full of people who are familiar to me. Nope, a strip-mall parking lot in an unfamiliar neighborhood 20 minutes from my home was the perfect spot for my battery to decide it Had Enough.

Luckily, the Kroger manager found an employee who had jumper cables and helped me out. Within ten minutes I was thanking her profusely (also thanked her with my wallet, as you do) and on my way home again.

My car battery still needs attention (and some Coca-cola), but that is tomorrow morning’s problem.

In the meantime: Be well, do good works, check your battery for corrosion.

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When I got home from church today, Craig mentioned that he hadn’t seen “KeyKey” (our biggest cat) all day.

I quickly realized that I hadn’t seen him, either, and started looking around for him. I checked under the beds and in the closets; I called his name, clicked my tongue*, and even got out the can opener. Nothing. He was nowhere in our apartment.

“I don’t understand why he would leave us,” I told Craig (KeyKey was rescued from the side of the road as a kitten, and doesn’t enjoy being outside for more than thirty seconds at a time).

“I don’t understand how he could leave.”

“You mean, besides the open windows and patio door?”

“So…. he jumped down from the balcony?”

I pointed out that it was a likely scenario (we’ve assumed that’s how Torgo escaped). And even though today’s chilly/wet weather made it seem even more unlikely he would have made a break for it; I decided to go outside and look around for him.

Down in our parking area, I called his name once, then heard a desperate-sounding meow.


I found our Big Kitty under our staircase, cowering in an old Rubbermaid tub He hollered and hollered as I walked toward him, and when I lifted him out of the tub (still wearing my church clothes of course), I noticed that his hind legs and tail were covered in mud. He meowed at top volume the entire way up the stairs.


The muddy cat squirmed out of my arms as soon as we got inside. Craig asked incredulously where I found him… while he tossed the kitty into the bathroom where I was washing mud off my arms. As he walked away he said, “Don’t let him out of there if he’s dirty.”

I started to call after him that washing a large agitated cat is really more of a TWO-PERSON job, but then I thought better of it (football was on). It wasn’t the first time I washed a big, muddy cat by myself; and it probably won’t be the last!

Except for some more meowing, KeyKey Kat stayed pretty calm while I washed & dried him. Then I let him run and hide under the bed while I cleaned the sink, tub, and bathroom floor/shampooed the muddy pawprints out of the carpet/vacuumed. Day of rest, my chest!**

Still, I’m so glad he didn’t go far– and that I found him right away. Don’t do that to us again, kitty kat. We love you too much.

*That’s how we “call” our cats when we give them treats. If you’re in our apartment and you click your tongue three times, you’re going to be surrounded by cats in about two seconds.

** It rhymed, okay?

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The Swing of Things

It was a good week!

In addition to all the space shuttle excitement, competition rehearsals began in earnest this week. I see my older dancers on Wednesday evenings after my last class. They’re doing a classical quartet, and for most of the choreography the dancers are opposite each other (e.g. the dancers on stage right start a ballote with their right foot, and vice versa). I normally demonstrate the choreography on one “side,” and the dancers on the opposite side try to mirror me. Sometimes I do have to break down the choreography on the opposite side (if the footwork is tricky), but they usually figure it out on their own. This is good practice for them– it’s important for dancers to be able to be able to quickly figure out choreography on the “second side.”

The same is the case for the Christmas dance that my Ballet Threes are doing (which also started rehearsing this week). It’s a much larger group, however, and not all the students are quite as advanced as my quartet, so I have to break down the steps on both sides a little bit more. That said, the kids really to reverse the choreography themselves– working together to do so– before they ask for my help, which is great! It’s nice to have such hard-working students.

I meet with my little soloist on Saturdays, before my morning classes start. She is young but serious, a fast learner. In her thirty-minute rehearsal yesterday, she learned half of her 2.5-minute solo! Next week we’ll clean and polish what she’s learned so far; then she’ll learn the rest of the choreography. In the meantime, I’m going to look for a little hooded cape for her to rehearse in.

In addition to rehearsals, all my classes went very well– the little ones behaved and listened (and are so precious and sweet); the older ones focused and learned new steps. Outside of work, I kept to my fitness regimen (finally ending my trend of skipping a day during the week) and managed to stay far ahead of the housework and laundry situations. I also made  a lot of food (including yummy spinach flatbread pizzas for our Saturday dinner)!


I capped off a productive week with half a day at church– my favorite place to be on Sundays. Four months ago I started going to the Unitarian Universalist church in our town (after I became disgusted with the Christian Megachurch we’d been attending– but that’s another post), and became a member soon after. Today the sermon was called “Judgement, Repentance, and Atonement” in honor of Rosh Hashanah, and it addressed these concepts from a Unitarian Universalist point of view. I really love the “living tradition” that draws from so many sources.

I’m also an assistant for the Religious Education classes, which started last week. I’m assisting every other week in the middle school class, which is mostly boys. We had  a good class today– some of these kids have really insightful things to say.


Now I’m off to do some reading and figure out Sunday dinner. Happy Day of Rest, friends!

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