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(Disclaimer: This post includes some mild TMI. Don’t read on if you can’t deal with vomit or sweat.)

I forgot to tell you, reader, about how last Saturday went down.

  • Near the end of rehearsal, I started feeling very, very shaky; and soon nausea set in. Just as I was about to leave the studio, I realized “I better get home quickly, because I am about to throw up.”

(Have I mentioned this happened during a downpour of Biblical proportions? Because it did.)

  • By the time I made it to my exit, I was shaking like crazy. Once I got home I bolted to the bathroom and proceeded to throw up in a violent, painful way. This went on regularly for some five hours; until I finally calmed down enough to keep down some water and saltines.

It’s worth mentioning that Craig was out of town at this time. Even though I tried to distract myself by watching movies on my laptop, and random noise that I heard caused me to jump out of my skin.

  • I finally got ready to go to sleep, when I started sweating profusely. I’ve had night sweats before, and I thought this was part of my body’s way to rid itself of whatever had made me sick earlier… but that doesn’t make it any less unpleasant. Your pajamas are soaked and stuck to your skin; all your sheets and pillows because grossly damp, and you become aware of the fact that you don’t exactly smell nice.
  • Just as I drifted off, I heard my two cats making a racket. I looked over the edge of the bed, while I didn’t see anything, I could tell by their behavior that there must be a (big) bug in my room. I was NOT equipped to deal with bug-slaying at that moment, so I rolled over and prayed the cats would dispose of it (Sure enough: after mere seconds of hearing Steve claw at the carpet, I could hear him chewing on something that sounded…crunchy).
  • I drifted back off again, only to be awakened by Steve throwing up on the carpet…right next to my bed.
  • After hearing him scratch on the carpet some more, I discovered he was trying to bury his mess. With my laptop cord.

The next morning I woke up drenched in sweat, and proceeded to clean up cat vomit and look for the remains of The Alleged Bug (I didn’t find them. I guess that’s what made Steve sick?). Then I texted Craig and asked when he would be home, because we sure needed him.

Here’s to better Saturday nights.


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Gear down, people, ’cause this is the chapter where lots of stuff happens in <6 months.

July 2016: I returned to Pearland for three weeks to choreograph/stage manage Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Four of my dance students were in it–two with leading roles! I stayed with the lovely, sweet grandmother of two of the young actresses in the show… we would rehearse 9-5 Monday through Friday, then I would usually go take class at the studio where I’d taught. Sometimes the girl’s parents would have to work late, so I’d bring the two girls (as well as another girl who lived near them) to the house where I was staying after rehearsal; and we’d all have dinner and “talk shop” together. It was a really beautiful time. The show closed on July 31st, bringing me to…

August 2016: On August 1st– the ten-year anniversary of the day I first moved to Houston– I left Houston for the last time. The VERY next day, I started the summer intensive with the ballet company. Each day I took a body conditioning class called “Progressing Ballet Technique,” then had a two-hour ballet class, followed by a contemporary class and rehearsals for our fall ballet. Not even a week after the intensive ended, I began my new teaching job.

Fall 2016: Things finally started to settle down as I got adjusted to my “new life.” My cousin got married in early September, and I returned to Pennsylvania for the wedding. Every weekend was spent in rehearsals for our fall ballet, The Magic Toyshop (also known as La Boutique Fantasque). We performed that in November, and right after went into rehearsals for The Nutcracker (I was one of the Spanish dancers, and I volunteered to help rehearse the little angels). Mama Butterfly came to visit over Thanksgiving, and the three of us traveled to Center, TX to visit Husband’s aunt and cousins).

December 2016: Nutcracker ended a week before Christmas, I did a bunch of subbing, then had a pretty uneventful Christmas break at home. Was actually GLAD to get back to work.

Now: We just spent 6 days with a visiting teacher who set George Skibene’s The Firebird on us (I am one of the princesses–talk about typecasting!). We have two principals from Corpus Christi as Ivan and the Firebird; and one of my co-workers is guesting at Koschei the Immortal. I love watching our guests dance, and Stravinsky’s music is the cheese to my macaroni (if you remember my last blog, you know I Have A Serious Thing for Le Sacre du Printemps). We’re also learning a ballet called Terpsichorus, as well as a new, original modern work choreographed by another coworker. My life pretty much revolves around the studio and company, and it’s pretty awesome. I’m so glad I found a place where I “belong” and get to have lots of great performing and learning opportunities.


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Reasons today rocked:

1. I booked my flight to go to my good friend M’s wedding in two weeks! In addition to going to her wedding (our high-school possee once vowed we’d all be at each others’ weddings), I’ll have a few days “vacation” in PA to visit my friends and family and enjoy the mountains. I leave in 12 days. Can’t wait!

2. I finally (finally) (fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally) decided on what my ballet soloist will dance at competition this year. She wants to do a “character” ballet piece, and I’d been hemming and hawing over what character would be perfect for her. Finally– one week before rehearsals begin– it hit me like a hailstone. Ten minutes later I’d selected the music, and thirty minutes later I had half of it choreographed. She’s going to be a very magical character from a popular book series… but more on that in a future post. 🙂

Today was long, and today was tiring…but it was a very productive day.

Now if you’ll excuse me; I’m off to eat some pizza that my wonderful husband made, have a glass of wine and wind down this day. Have a beautiful night, internet.

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Hello, friends! Sorry I haven’t blogged much. It’s not that I’ve forgotten! I’ve been meaning to tell you all about my CNA training experience and how that all ended; and about our faux-garden and compost experiment and new recipes and whatnot, but…

…it’s been really gorgeous outside, so when I’m not tending to housework or cooking I’m outdoors enjoying the perfect weather. Look, you guys, it’s only a matter time before it becomes hotter than the inner sanctum of hell here in Texas. I need to enjoy 80-degree weather while I can.

…and while I’m doing that, here are some articles that I loved and wanted to share with you. Enjoy!

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Mom Puts 7-Year Old on a Diet in the Worst Vogue Article Ever from jezebel (P.S. I read the article in Vogue and was horrified at the mother’s “methods.” I felt so terribly for the child; can only imagine how this experience is going to haunt her for years to come)

So much from Barefoot Foodie


That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!

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