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At one of the jobs I had back in Houston: I did a good job cleaning up the place, but my boss didn’t like me and I WISH she would have shot me into space so I wouldn’t have to deal with donald trump’s* America.

(Lower caps on purpose– the man doesn’t deserve to have his name capitalized)

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Humble Independent School District Refuses to Bus Kids Nearly Two Miles From Elementary School.

I’m not even a parent, and I’m outraged at this.

Right now I’m watching a story about it on a different news channel; this one following the families who live in a subdivision 2 miles (a 45-minute walk) from Ridge Creek Elementary. Parents are worried about the dangers of traffic; worried that their young children will get lost on all the twisty turns in the 2-mile distance (we’re talking about kids as young as five, here). One father voiced his concern that once the children make it to school, they will be too tired to pay attention and learn (and learning is supposed to be the entire purpose of school…or so I thought).

Not all parents can drive their children to school, and not all parents can afford to hire a babysitter to take their kids to school. This is creates a dangerous situation for the parents of those kids.

(Tangent rant: Crap like this is another reason why I don’t like public schools: Even if they do manage to give you a decent education, some of them endanger you just trying to get there [this isn’t the first local news story about students having a dangerous or long walk to school]. Maybe if they cut the football coach’s pay they could afford more buses? Tangent over, now back to the main rant.)

And while I’m all about “exercise is important, rah rah rah, kids need exercise;” it’s entirely different when child safety is at risk. Yes, walking miles a day will make the kids fit and strong, but at what cost? Four miles a day is a bit much for a child (especially one as young as five or six). In addition to the safety concerns, there’s also the possibility that the students will be too worn out from the walk to concentrate on their studies.

And if the kids aren’t learning, then that long walk was for nothing.


And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to do some yoga and calm down.

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I know, I know… this is the second rage-y post in the space of a week. While I don’t want this little blog to be “all vitrol, all the time;” some of the reactions to the Penn State Sanctions have got my undies in a bunch.

(If you’re outside the U.S., here’s a quick two-paragraph explanation of what I’m talking about.) (Thank you, Wikipedia.)

I had the TV on at work this morning, and they showed some interviews with upset Penn State students/faculty. “I understand the sanctions were necessary, bu I don’t understand why they’re punishing innocent people.”

My initial reaction.

Punishing innocent people?

What about the innocent people– nay, innocent children— who were harmed by Sandusky’s perverse actions? What about the people who had their innocence stripped from them at a young age? What about the “innocent people” who are going to be paying therapy bills for the rest of their lives because Penn State Football was more important than child safety?

Punishing innocent people, my pants. Charging a fine and taking away a couple of ball games is barely even a punishment, it’s an inconvenience. An inconvenience that will never, ever undo what has been done to those kids at the hands of Jerry Sandusky.

I like the fact that they vacated all the wins from the last fourteen years. If you won a sporting event while you were covering up child abuse, you really didn’t win at all. I also like that they’re giving current players and opportunity to transfer without having to wait a year.

My advice to Penn State fans: Think of these next four years of sitting out post-season and bowl games as an important lesson–  child abuse hurts everyone.


Personally, I thought the NCAA should’ve issued the death penalty.

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