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8:15 P.M.: My mom texted me after work to tell me Obama won my hometown. Then again, in a town of 365 that’s not hard to do. šŸ˜‰

8:22 P.M.: And now all of Pennsylvania is blue! I’m proud of my home state right now.

Texas, no surprise, is red. I wonder what “color” Houston itself was (Obama won Houston last time around).

8:34 P.M.: Ted Cruz wins Texas. I know I balked about him earlier, but he’s really not bad; and I’m glad for the guy– he is the first Hispanic Senator from Texas. He’s a good speaker, too (but I don’t care for his position on ObamaCare, or his slightly-creepy TV ads). Congrats, Senator Cruz.

Also, Elizabeth Warren isĀ Massachusetts senator. Hooray! What an inspiring, badass woman. Loved her speech at the National Convention.

8:42 P.M.: I need to shower (or do something other than bite my nails and pace). What do you want to bet they announce the winner when I’m in the shower?

* * *

9:00 P.M.: ….and, that’s a no. I should have known it wouldn’t be this soon.

9:11 P.M. This is going to be a long night, isn’t it?

9:14 P.M. Romney takes Utah…and apparently is in the lead now with electoral votes (163 versus Obama’s 57).

Barbara Walters is on TV right now, saying that if Romney loses tonight this will be the literal end of his political career– he would retire after tonight. This comes at the urging of his wife, who is exhausted from being his manager/adviser/personal cheerleader on top of having multiple sclerosis (that poor woman!). She was limping in a recent appearance. I bet four years of being first lady would be ever more exhausting for herĀ (yet another reason I want Obama to win, I guess).

Okay, I need to take a break. I’m going to peel myself away from the laptop and make myself a burrito. And wine. Wine would be good right now.

* * *

9:39: Holy shit. It’s neck and neck in the electoral votes right now: 163 and 163. Wow.

(Come on, undecided states! Vote blue!)

9:41: According to Fox (local Fox, not Fox News- Fox), there is “no clear winner right now,” but it’sĀ very close– like, hinging-on-recount-territory close.

I started weeping quietly at the first mention of theĀ R- word. I was only 14 when the 2000 Florida Recount trainwreck went down, but it taught me a very irritating lesson about American politics (they’re not always fair, and can be downright mind-bendingly, head-explodingly stupid).

* * *

10:07: I’m signing off for now. I’m tired, I’m still getting over this awful upper- respiratory death-blarg thing, it’s been a long day.

I’m going to stretch out in front of the TV. If I zonk out, wake me up when they crown the victor…

* * *

10:16 P.M.: Wow, that was quick.

On NBC this moment: Barack Obama ELECTED.

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Because I need to put my election thoughts somewhere, and my Facebook friends are probably sick of me. Just for fun, compare this to the post I did four years ago!

1. Once again, I brought a book with me to my polling place, expecting a long wait. Once again I did not need it. I think that’s Murphy’s law– if I don’t bring a book the next time I vote, I’ll be in line for hours.

2. I’ve fired up the poll tracker and am glued to it. Last time I had an app for my phone that I checked in between classes all evening. Now, my Android isn’t letting me download apps (what GIVES?), and I’m trying to load up the page on my phone’s browser. Why can’t we have nice things?

3. Just like last time, I’ll be teaching during the last hours of polling. This is a welcome distraction; because by late afternoon I’m usually going a bit nuts.

4. I didn’t vote straight-ticket this time. Probably won’t again. We’ll see.

5. To continue the tradition of rhyming slogans for election day, I texted my mother with “You’ll be cryin’ if you vote Romney/Ryan!”

6. Currently Obama is up by 0.7%. Insert tawdry Rush Limbaugh joke about Obama leading until the Republicans get out of work (and picture me rolling my eyes and making a “wanking” gesture).

7. It’s too early to start making up a victory dance, but I’ve got one planned in my head.

8. While I waited to vote, I noticed a lot of people in line were also wearing blue. I wondered if it was a coincidence, or if they–like me– were quietly showing their support for the liberal side (this is Texas, so probably not). **I moved this over from my last post– it fits better here

9. My polling place didn’t give out “I voted” stickers, so I cannot– as Amalah and INTERNET LAW dictate— post a smug-looking self portrait wearing an “I Voted” sticker. Boo.

(But I voted! I did! See?)

10. Speaking of those little voting access codes/receipts, remember in 2008 you could show yours and get free coffee at Starbucks/tacos at Taco Bell/ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s? Not that we should be bribed to do our civic duty, but free tacos are always nice.

11. Ted Cruz is in the lead for Senator, which isn’t surprising. NotĀ encouraging, but notĀ surprising.

12. It’s almost 2:30. Time to Ā stop obsessing, put my leotard on, and go to work. When Ā get done at 7:30, the polls will have started closing on the East Coast. I’m going to cross my fingers and say a prayer that we get four more years of progress.

Peace out, go vote.

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Election Day Thanks

There’s something exciting about Election Day. All across the country, the air is thick with anticipation as everybody casts their vote and waits on pins and needles for the result.

Despite being under the weather for over a WEEK, I sprang out of bed at 6:45 this morning, so I could vote when the polls opened at 7:30.

There wasn’t much of a line, so I waited about 5 minutes before I got to a machine. I smiled as I went though each page: turn the little wheel, hit enter, (sniffle,) (GAH) turn the little wheel, hit enter.

I had to supress a little squeal as I hit “Cast Ballot,” and walked out the door with a smile on my face, having done my duty as a citizen and participated in the Democratic process. There’s something so satisfying about it; lending your voice to the biggest decision in your nation.

…but if I’d lived 100 years ago, I wouldn’t have that satisfaction; because I would not have been allowed to vote. A century ago, I would have been my husband’s chattel, unwillingly attached to whatever his political position is (which would have been very bad for me, as my husband is a staunch conservative). I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the women who have gone before me– the ones who worked, marched, picketed, and even got sent to jail for it– who gave us this right to vote.

We salute you, suffragettes.

“Our daughter’s daughters will adore us, and they’ll sing inĀ grateful chorus, ‘Well done, sister suffragette!'”

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