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Today is my twenty-eighth birthday. It’s a little weird to think that I’ve been a legal “adult” for a full decade.

It’s been a pleasant, though uneventful day so far. I did not teach today because my knee is not ready yet, which was a little disappointing because I enjoy my Saturday classes (but I’d rather be safe than sorry). Instead, Craig made me breakfast, I got a package and a phone call from Mama Butterfly, and we’re going out for a nice dinner this evening.


Since this birthday is not terribly blog-worthy, I wanted to share some of my favorite birthday memories from my adult/dancing life:

Twenty-first: That morning I onstage at the Hobby center in a performance for school students. That night, I had final dress rehearsal for the “big” show that the company was performing that weekend–and the directors and other dancers got me a cake and sang to me backstage. How sweet! Afterwards my roommate and another friend bought me a drink at The Proletariat (sadly, now gone). And oddly enough, this was the Daily Bible Verse for that day.

Twenty- second: So far this was the best birthday everIn the morning I rehearsed Jose Limon’s There is a Time with a dance company– what a wonderful experience that was! After rehearsal, I met up with the dancers from my own dance ensemble, and we piled into a limo (actually a white stretch Hummer) that took us to the airport…where we flew to Pennsylvania for our first (and only) tour. It was a truly magical weekend; and will always treasure those memories. 

Twenty- fourth: On my actual birthday, I went to work and set a ballet that I was very fond of. Nothing too meaningful there. But the day before I’d had my first date with Craig; so it was special in that regard.


I have high hopes for my twenty-ninth year on this earth. Really, they’re the same “high hopes” I laid out for myself  less than four weeks ago on New Year’s day; only re-affirmed and with a new sense of fight. Things have not been going my way in the first month of the year, but I’ve resolved to not let it sink me into a deep funk (again).

Someone on FB wished me a happy birthday with the following quote from Nora Ephron: “Above all be the heroine of your life, not the victim.” I really needed to read that, so I thanked the person and copied down the quote (and stuck it next to my laptop, for the next time I’m tempted to whine).

I’m going to close with this little meme, only because I’ve been doing so for eight years now:

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