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I don’t follow Sportsball. Whenever “My Google” pops up with a sports score on my phone’s lock screen , I wonder “Why would you EVER think I care!??”

Until about five minutes ago.

When I opened my phone just then, I saw a basketball score. And as soon as I saw my old city (Houston Rockets) playing against my new city (San Antonio Spurs), I called out “GO SPURS, GO!”

And at that moment, I became San Antonian.


(P.S. Spurs, you had better win; I just wrote a blog post about you).

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Last night was the opening of Godspell JR. Craig came with me and we sat in the audience– a first for me; I’ve been backstage for every show I’ve worked on.

The first performance went well, although there were  few technical glitches (stage lights didn’t quite make it to their full brightness at the beginning, some of the wireless mics dropped in and out randomly and made the occasional feedback noise), a few props went awry and the actors looked pretty cramped on that small stage with that big set. I was still not quite fully out of rehearsal mode,and sat on the edge of my seat looking at spacing  (Let it go, Butterfly, jeez!). Still, it was a nice show: The scene where the cast says good-bye to Jesus one at a time (“On The Willows”) was really moving, the actors nailed all the timing on the funny scenes, and the littlest cast members were ridiculously cute. The audience really enjoyed themselves (including Craig!)

Before tonight’s performance, the director commented to the cast  that “The first performance is kind of like a really good dress rehearsal with an audience,” and things would go more smoothly this time. He was right– the lights so shined before men bright and beautiful, the props were where they needed to be & the actors seemed much more comfortable/less squished on the stage. The mics still had a few glitches in the second act, but everything else was spot-on! The dance numbers looked fabulous and were very high-energy (the applause went on for a while after “O Bless The Lord”), and this choreographer finally sat back and enjoyed the show. 🙂

The audience had a great time. Since many of the kids have a great sense of physical comedy and timing, there was a lot of laughter in the house. My favorite scene was the “Prodigal Son” parable in Act Two– it’s where some of the funniest kids really get to shine.


There’s more to write, of course, but I’m tired and my words are starting to fail me.

One more performance.

It’ll be a great one.

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