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A big thunderstorm hit late last night, so this morning Craig and I had to do plant rescue. Two sets of newly-sprouted seedling were completely submerged, and a few containers had svereal inches of standing water. (I didn’t take any pictures. Was too concerned with SAVE MY PLANTS OMG) It took two of us to dump the excess water out of the bigger containers. A lot of soil got dumped out with the water, along with a few freshly-sprouted tomato seedlings and those basil seeds I just planted yesterday. I packed some fresh dirt on top of the soaked plants to replace what was lost/soak up some of the water in the existing soil. We put them in the sun to dry, and I think (hope) they’ll be fine.


I bet people who garden in the ground don’t have to put up with this crap.

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The first two-ish weeks of 2013 were not fun for me. I blame the weather.

I returned home on New Year’s Eve to gray, wet weather that would only go downhill from there. For the first ten days of the year, we didn’t witness a single sunrise or sunset– the sky just vacillated between gray and black; and even when it wasn’t raining there was a constant fog hanging over anything. That sort of constant dreariness would send even Pollyanna into a downward spiral.

Still, at least it wasn’t snow.

The sun and 70° temperatures returned for all of two days, during which life was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME and I was the most cheerful person you’ve ever encountered; then the rain returned along with a couple of freezes (upside: still not snow).

* * *

I know a lot of people throw around the term “seasonal affective disorder,” but I’m not convinced that it’s an actual thing. I am a human, I have a pineal gland that doesn’t make serotonin unless it’s sunny out. For some reason this affects me pretty hard, but I still wouldn’t call it a disorder.

* * *

The post-holiday letdown doesn’t help. I’m not the only one who feels a little empty after  the lights come down, the joyful songs & delicious smells cease, and people forget about peace and goodwill for another eleven months… especially when it feels like your vacation/family time was all too short (and one visit to your homeland per year just doesn’t feel like enough).  When I was boxing up the Christmas decorations a few weekends ago, I found myself looking forward to the time when I take them back out again. That’s unusual for me.

* * *

But the sun is shining and it looks like it’ll be around for at least week, so I’m happy again. I took a walk this afternoon and saw a female duck with fifteen yellow fuzzballs swimming along behind her. Maybe this is a sign that “winter” is over.


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This morning, I wished I had a camera so I could capture how beautiful the sky was. The pure white of the fluffy clouds against the pure azure of the sky looked like it has been digitally enhanced; yet I was looking at it in real time with my own eyes.

I was, however, thrilled that I had no way to capture the terrifying roar of  two high-altitude jets that ripped across the sky the very next second.

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The Storm Diaries

The Houston metro area was treated to one hell of a storm today. Here some blurbs from my journal:


The storm woke me up at quarter to two. While I was up making sure all pets were inside and all computers were plugged into surge protectors, the power went out.

It seems to be just OUR building; as the rest of the complex still has lights on. Hubs says the lightening knocked out a transformer– meaning it ain’t coming back on by itself; and it could be 8-12 hours before anybody shows up to fix it.
big deal: Hubs call it “living Abe-Linclon style;” I call it “involuntary camping.” Our ancestors lived this way for centuries upon centuries; we can do it for half a day.

But the question is: What do we do about the food in our fridge? Will it last until mid-morning when [we’re hoping] the power will be back on; or should we start eating all of it now?
I’d pose this question to the internet, but that’s clearly not an option right now.

Our power clicked back on about two hours after my last entry. Around 8am, it was still raining lightly but I could see a break in the clouds. Shortly after Hubs left (around 9am), the storm picked back up again. I’m hearing about flash floods in the city and in our area, but from my window I can’t see see anything out of the ordinary. Then again, all I can really see is the lake– which hasn’t even flooded its banks (probably because the water level was so low to begin with; thanx drought!). Yet.
A tornado touched down in Katy a little a while ago, knocking the windows out of a school. My old neighborhood in Montrose is so badly flooded that cars can’t go through. Hubs called me and gave me some instructions in case a tornado touched down in our area. He also said to gather up the money and valuables in case we are evacuated, and to load all the guns in case of a zombie uprising. He didn’t explicitly *say* that last part, but it was heavily implied. He doesn’t need to tell ME about zombies.

The rain is still coming down hard, but the thunder comes and goes. I have some windows open; the air smells clean.

Husband is out working. This scares me a little, especially since he is driving around in his truck. In these conditions, he would have been safer in a boat. I’m saying prayers for his safe return.

I think I’m going to make a cup of tea and settle in with a rainy-day movie for a while (will have the news on in the background, though). More later.

1:18 PM
Rain has stopped, as have all the severe-weather bulletins. The last thunderclap was about 20 minutes ago. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to leave here and go do something productive.

Spoke to soon– rain is back with a vengence. I hope my husband is okay out there on the roads.

The rain finally stopped for good around 3:30 and the sun came out (I was hoping we’d get a pretty rainbow out of the deal, but no such luck). It became so lovely outside that I wanted to put on my sneakers and go out and play! My husband made it through the rain okay, although he still isn’t home from work.

All in all, it was a really awesome storm day.

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