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This is my last week of summer vacation. Classes begin one week from today.

As much as I love being busy with dance things, I’m very thankful to have this little period of downtime. Lots of time is spent in the water, or by the water with a book in hand. I’veĀ  had time to go take dance classes (in addition to giving myself a little class every day), get caught up on reading, and most importanly, spend time relaxing and enioying life with my husband.


In other news, I picked up another choreography gig! Last weekend I got an e-mail from an actress in town who has a new job teaching and directing at a parochial school. She needed a choreographer for her upcoming production of Oklahoma!, and would I be interested (or could I at least recommend someone)? Would I!
I’m auditioning dancers on Wednesday, and rehearsals for the dance numbers will begin in September. Performances are in November. Yippi-okie-ay!

I need to go fold laundry and start figuring out dinner, but I’ve got a sleepy cat on my lap. Maybe I’ll read some of my new book instead…

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