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Is it tacky to post about what you made for dinner? It is? Oh, well:
A spicier version of my stewed okra with homemade tortilla chips, a ham/rice dish (for the Hubs), and fresh banana bread with peanut butter and fruit for dessert.

It’s a good thing we were both super-hungry.

Gotta go sink into a food coma now.

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'Salad' by Till Nowak

“What do you eat?”

I would think that would be self-explanatory, seeing as I just told you I’m a VEGETarian.

“Do you still eat chicken?”

Is the Pope Jewish?

“What about beans?”

Seriously? You’re not clear on if a bean is vegetable or animal? You’ve got bigger concerns than my dietary┬ápreferences, my friend.

” I know you’re a vegetarian, but would you like to try some cheesesteak/chicken/possum anyway? I won’t tell anyone!”

Yeah, okay. YOU may not tell anyone, but someone is going to know. And that someone is my stomach. And that stomach will punish me in Guantanamo-like ways for my transgression. Your pulled-pork sandwich just doesn’t look like it’s worth that price, sorry.


**** **** ****

Stay Tuned for Part II: Not-Stupid Questions People Have Asked Me About Being a Vegetarian!

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