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Conversation I had with my (currently visiting!) Mother today yesterday:

“I only read People Magazine in line at the grocery store, at the doctors office, or on vacation. I’m still trying to figure out….what’s the deal with the Kardashians?”

“You know how Paris Hilton got famous for nothing except being rich and a whore?”


“It’s the same thing.”

“Only there’s three of them.”



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Here’s my reaction to the current “Mommy War” that broke out this week:

Yes, all mother’s “work.” That said, there’s a difference between doing the all the work that a mother does; and doing all the work that a mother does AND working 40-50 hours a week as the sole breadwinner of the family. They work outside the home not because they want to, but because they need to in order to keep their children sheltered and fed.*

I’m pretty sure that’s what Hilary Rosen meant when she said that Ann Romney never worked a day in her life. Mrs. Romney raised five boys; that’s a LOT of work! But that’s the only “job” she had– she didn’t have to punch a clock in addition to her work in her family.

*I’m referring here to mothers who have to work in order to provide for the family; not ones who choose to work on a part-time basis.


In other news, high-profile teen dad Levi Johnston has planted his seed in another underage Alaskan. I’m just happy it’s wasn’t a Palin this time. Good luck, Levi.


Anyway! All that aside, we had a nice Sunday– slept in, went to church, and did some crabbing down by the fishing hole (and I picked up a lot of trash around said fishing hole– what the hell, neighbors? ). Hubs spent an hour by the pool with his buddies, I spent an hour doing yoga; we met back up to have a little cookout.

Tornado-causing winds aside, it was a pleasant weekend.

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Tonight’s Newsfix poll was “Kim Kardashian is…”

Option 1 was “a no-talent media whore.” I didn’t need to see options 2 and 3.

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~ Why do Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have so many kids? It’s not like they actually parent them. The kids are cared for by Brangelina’s personal staff while Mom & Dad make movies and do fabulous famous-people things. It seems like the kids are living, breathing accessories that they whip out to look nice for magazine pictures (and then sell those pictures for eight figures. As you do).

Then again, this *is* America: If you have enough money, you can do whatever the fuck you want here.

At least they’ll have enough money for the therapy those six kids will surely need.

~ Speaking of Brangelina: I feel like him/her/Jennifer Aniston have been on the cover of at least one tabloid a week for the last ten years, regarding their little love triangle (Wikipedia tells me that Brad/Jen divorced in 2005… so it’s only been six years, but it FEELS like ten). Does ANYBODY care? Really? I don’t even want to hear about my neighbor’s marital problems, let alone some rich actor’s marital problems.

~ Celebrity drug use is easy to understand:
Q: What do you do with unlimited money and freedom?

Cocaine! Lots and lots of it!

(Ditto to hookers, heavy drinking, and anything else Charlie Sheen does.*)

~ ‘Jersey Shore:’ I can’t even begin to get my head around it.
Is “stupid sells” the new “sex sells?” (If so, GOD HELP US)
Is Italian exploitation the new blaxploitation?
If so, couldn’t they have stuck with exploiting the rich probably-in-the-Mafia Italians? At least that’s interesting. Personally, I’d rather watch a bunch of hairy guys kick each other’s asses than a watch a bunch of drunk oily gym rats grinding on a fat girl; But that’s just me.

~ Scientology seems to be the preferred belief system of celebrities. I think it’s because super rich people want their own God. Anybody else? (Granted, that’s an extremely simplified statement)

~ Don’t even get me started on THIS shit:

Yet gay people in meaningful relationships can’t get married because it ruins the holy institution.

Remember what I said earlier about how you can do anything you want in this country if you have enough money?


That’s all for now, folks. Rant over!

*When I did a google image search for “pile of cocaine,” Charlie Sheen’s picture turned up in the second row of results. Hee!

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