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My last dance company had their spring performances this past weekend.

They used to rent out one of the University of Houston theaters for their shows, but lately they’ve been hosting their performances right in the studio.

So: If I had stayed in Houston, I would have spent the weekend performing Burlesque in a small studio in middle-of-nowhere Clear Lake.

Instead, I spent it rehearsing for Firebird; to be performed in one of the largest/fanciest theaters in this city.

Life comes at you fast.

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I don’t follow Sportsball. Whenever “My Google” pops up with a sports score on my phone’s lock screen , I wonder “Why would you EVER think I care!??”

Until about five minutes ago.

When I opened my phone just then, I saw a basketball score. And as soon as I saw my old city (Houston Rockets) playing against my new city (San Antonio Spurs), I called out “GO SPURS, GO!”

And at that moment, I became San Antonian.


(P.S. Spurs, you had better win; I just wrote a blog post about you).

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My UU minister shared this on Facebook. Enjoy!


My friends, we have arrived. We are here, in this new year. 
We have crossed the boundary of time, into the next year, with all its resolutions and plans and schedules ahead of us. 
Let us pause, for just this moment, before we move boldly onward. 
Let us pause to hear the breathing of those around us, 
to feel their presence in this room. 
To know their presence in our lives. 
Let us pause to consider the trees, their branches stripped bare, 
their elegant architecture on display. 
Let us pause to feel the spirit of life and love that ties us to each other, that winds its way through our very bones and settles in our hearts. 
Before we march forward, armed with resolutions that will shortly be forgotten in the day-to-day of living, let us notice what it is that remains every year, every day. What exists beyond schedules and months, beyond time. It welcomes us to life, not just at the start of the year, but every day. And let us answer . . . Amen.

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Insanity season

I’ve been trying to write a blog post for an entire WEEK now, but I haven’t had the time to sit down and write it out. Here is the short version of Things I Wanted To Tell The Internet About:

1. The dance recital is in two weeks a week and four days. Since most of my classes only meet once a week, I’m down to the last two “practices” for each of my Primary and Level One classes. There’s lots of cleaning and polishing going on. Some of the dances look really nice, and some of the dances…well, let’s say we’ve got a lot to do in our last two classes.

2. My mother is coming to visit in a week and THREE days, meaning, I also have a lot of house-cleaning to do in the next week and a half (not that the place is a mess, but I want it to be super-nice for Mama Butterfly).

3. I’m choreographing for ‘Godspell Jr’ this summer with a local youth theater as part of their “summer camp” program. I had a meeting with the director and music director last evening so we could talk about what numbers I would choreograph and hash out a rehearsal schedule/game plan. Rehearsals start on Monday, so I’m going to start working on choreography today (right after I hit “publish,” in fact). It’ll be nice to getsomething stuck in my head that isn’t recital music.

4. We celebrated our second wedding anniversary yesterday. It was very special and lovely. I’m so thankful to have such a great husband and marriage.

Time to get choreographin’!

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