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My New Year’s resolution for 2012 was to get organized. Our home appeared quite tidy to the naked eye, but beneath the painted closet doors lay a dark, shameful secret: Our storage spaces are disoraganized as all hell. Many a time I’d reach for an object on a shelf, only to be pelted with some other object that was in its way. It was frustrating, but I only had myself to blame.

January started off strong, overhauling our closets and cabinets (and patio!), sorting and donating/tossing whatever was taking up space. The project was shelved for a few months (no pun intended) while I worked on my certificate; by the time I was done, spring had sprung and I couldn’t be bothered to stay inside. I kept telling myself I’d organize as a “rainy day project,” but there was one flaw: every time a rainy day rolled around, I’d declare it “movie weather” and spend the afternoon on my couch with a cat and a bowl of popcorn. Ooops!

We’re having some serious storms today, on the back of the horrific winds that caused several tornados up north. I told myself no more excuses: I finally cleaned out several cabinets that were beginning to drive me insane and got to work on the armoir in the spare room.

Speaking of which, said room is getting a HUGE re-doing this weekend or next (either way, not soon enough). We’re finally going to turn it onto a real-live guest room, instead of a pile of haphazardly-arranged Random Crap! It’s going to be a lot of grunt work (probably some mild cussing and sore muscles, too), but I don’t care. Bring it! Just bring me some coffee first.

Reason for that re-doing? Besides the fact that I was tired of the room being a place where junk goes to die? My mother is coming to visit in a few weeks!  Isn’t that exciting? Also, I think you have an idea of why I’m trying to get this place in shape. 🙂

I’m off to fix myself some lunch and take a short break before I go back to de-junking our apartment. If you don’t hear from me in a few days, there’s a good chance a Closet Avalanche got me. Send help.

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It’s 72 degrees here in Houston today, so the cats and I spent the morning on the back patio, cleaning it up and getting the containers ready for planting next month (well…I did, anyway. The cats just ran around in Holy crap, the human actually let us OUTSIDE! jubilation. Can’t say I blame them).

I can’t believe it’s almost garden time again!

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