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Yesterday started out beautiful. It was a perfect day– talked on the phone with my Mom, walked at the park, did yoga on my patio, admired the progress my plants were making, and later fell asleep on the couch watching MST3K.

I later woke up to the mother of all thunderstorms. House-shaking thunder, lightning, electricity went out for a few minutes, the works. All the racket and chaos kept us from sleeping! While looking out the patio door, I saw during lightning flashes that our two big planters were saturated in standing water (nooooo!). I rushed outside to pull them further under the roof, but I have no idea if the plants will recover (while I was out there, I took a video for instagram from the safety of my covered patio). There were tornado warnings, and we debated how safe our building would keep us if one came through.

We finally got to sleep, and I was awakened at 7am by a panicked phone call from my Mom. She saw that several tornadoes had touched down in north San Antonio, and was asking if we were okay. Mind you, I was still half-asleep and couldn’t even formulate a sentence, but I eventually managed to stammer out “we’re…we’re safe.”

Then I zonked back out for a bit, because I wasn’t about to tackle Monday on <4 hours of sleep.


When I arrived at the studio for morning class, the topic of conversation was the tornadoes. The studio is fine, but there was terrible damage only a mile or so away. One of my co-workers lives by the Quarry and, while her apartment complex didn’t get hit, her surrounding neighborhood was torn up pretty badly. She showed me some pictures– a brick wall knocked over, a carport that fell down and squashed the cars under it (thankfully no one was hurt), trees uprooted all over the place. In the afternoon, the tornadoes were all my Ballet 3Bs could talk about at the start of class.

Another co-worker didn’t show up for his 6:00 class, and at first I feared the worst. I called him up and thankfully, he just didn’t realize the studio was open today (we don’t close for Monday holidays). Phew.

So, as far as I know, all my friends and dance family are safe. We’re safe. Praying for everyone who suffered damage; may they rebuild quickly.

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