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This was “Bonus Sunday Prayer” from The God Article on Facebook today. I loved it to much I had to share it; hopefully you will be blessed by it, too.

Good and gracious God,

We come before you now
with deep concerns
and restless hearts.
When we look at the world around us
we see clearly
that it is not what you intended it to be.
Nations war over differences.
Religious tensions rise over differences.
People judge, marginalize, attack and kill
… over differences.
And it all takes place
in the midst of your Creation
where the differences and diversity
you created abound.
Call this, your Creation,
back to a holy celebration
of diversity.
Bring your healing power
to a world sorely in need.

Remind us that
the healing begins with us –
your hands and your feet
in this world.

We pray for those
who are singled out for their differences —
we ask you to be with them
and strengthen them
in the times when they are in need
and we ask that you remind us
that you are with them
when we are with them.
So, continue to encourage us
to be with them.

In the times that we are the ones
being singled out for our differences
we ask for the presence of your Spirit
to encourage us
and for the presence of mind
to seek out supportive communities
where we can be accepted and loved.

We also pray for those who are
sick, lost and alone.
May they find comfort in your Spirit
and may we become part of that comfort.

Remind us of the work in front of us
and teach us that to do that work
we must find time and space
to be renewed.
Strengthen your servants,
O God,
that we may continue
to run this race.

We ask this and all things in your name,

Happy Sunday!

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