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I’m here at summer musical auditions. These are the callbacks–regular auditions were earlier in the week. When I arrived I was told were were expecting almost 60 kids!

That was an ninety minutes ago. In the last hour and fifteen minutes, I auditioned 54 children.

They came in in groups of 10 to 15. I quickly taught their little 33-second combination, did it with them twice, then divided the group in half and had each half-group do it for me twice. There have been some familiar faces– a handful of kids from last summer are back again, most of them a little taller. 🙂

Now I’m at a bit of a lull (since I’ve seen almost everyone), but I’ve just been informed I’ll probably see one more group of “stragglers” before the day is out.

….so I’m going to sign off an get ready for that. Just wanted to “check in” with the blogosphere during my break. 🙂 Later!

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