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Praise Update

Tim is doing better! He is still in the ICU– neck broken in places, can’t move his right side yet– but he is healing. The road to recovery may be long, but this sassy, energetic, lovely dancer is going to be okay. Thank you, thank you, thank you God.

I’d mostly been keeping up by the updates his family and close friends have been posting on Facebook, but yesterday afternoon my whole day was made when I came online and saw that he had posted, to let everyone know he’s okay.

He’s so strong, I knew he would pull through. We will continue to pray for his recovery.

God bless you, man. ‚̧


Also, the closing show of Texas was a beautiful and moving tribute to the fallen performers. God bless the cast and crew for going on with the show in the wake of such a horrid tragedy.


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There’s been some sad news in the dance community this week. Monday morning I woke up to the news that inspiring and inspired ballet teacher David Howard had passed away. He was really, truly an amazing teacher, and I regret that I didn’t have more classes from him. He was such a force in the dance world– he helped many dancers improve not only their technique, but their performance, bringing them to, as Cynthia Harvey put it, a higher place.

This happened on the day Houston remembered Jeremy Choate on the anniversary of his death.

Then, on Monday night, six performers from the musical¬†Texas were in a serious accident with a tractor trailer. Five of them were killed, and the only survivor– a Houston dancer/choreographer and friend of mine– is in the ICU. It’s terrible and tragic and sad, sad, sad. My heart goes out to the five families who are suffering a terrible loss right now. And everyone in Houston (and in Portland, and many other places) are worrying about and praying for Tim. Tim is an energetic, talented dancer and choreographer who makes brings a smile to everyone he meets… and right now he’s sedated for 72 hours after surgery. I’m praying for his speedy recovery (he’s a strong guy, I have faith he’ll pull through….).

* * *

In happier news, Monday was the first night of dance classes and it went really well. My Contemporary class of 9-12 year-olds is wonderful; the dancers seem really excited to learn and eager to work. I’m excited about the year with them.

* * *

Until next time, enjoy this dance that Tim choreographed for my ensemble in 2008.

Hang in there, buddy.

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